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6.5x14" Chrome Over Brass Snare

Image of 6.5x14" Chrome Over Brass Snare

$399.99 - On Sale

Shown as 5.5", but will be 6.5" with x8 lugs


Vintage Metal - Brass 1mm

Chrome Polished

Chrome Parts
Full Length Tube Lugs x8
2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops
Trick MultiStep Throwoff
German Bronze Snare Wires
Remo Drumheads
Nylon Sleeved Washers

Shown in the pic as a 5.5", but only 6.5" depth shells remain. This is on blowout! The chrome over brass shell adds a touch more clarity and high end bite and snare response compared to standard brass shells. The 8 tube lugs helps fatten up the tone with a very wide tuning range.

Video Sample:

*Note*: These first quality drums maybe demos, one-offs, and are promo priced. If sold out, contact us to build something similar. Shipping and taxes may apply. Local delivery is free, and shipping costs will be refunded. International order shipping quotes based upon final destination, quoted after purchase.

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