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5x14" Solid Single Ply Birdseye Maple w/ Matching Hoops

$1,199.00 - On Sale


Solid Single Ply Steambent

Natural High Gloss

Chrome Parts
Full Length Tube Lugs
32ply "Yamaha" Style Wood Hoops
Trick Throwoff
German Snare Wires
Remo Drumheads

This snare is quite the head turner. We have kept it nice and safe in our personal collection, yet rarely we let it see light for a shocking presentation. This thing has barely ever been played and looks like it's been dipped in wet glass... (due to the nature of our photo booth, we block all reflections, but trust us when we say it looks "wet".) The solid steambent single ply shell in rare birdseye maple has exquisite figuring and plenty of heavy birdseye knots. The matching wood hoops are veneered inside and out over our 32ply "Yamaha" style maple hoops. This drum has incredible body and tons of fat tone. It can be tuned high or be tuned way low and always sounds phenomenal.
Fitted with the best hardware available, including a (not pictured) brand new chrome plated Trick multi step throwoff, chrome over solid brass tube lugs, Remo drumheads and German snare wires.

Compare this to other more expensive solid shell snare drums, add the high gloss, a rare wood, matching hoops, and quality parts to realize this screaming deal.

Get it before we change our minds and put it back in the case!

*Note*: These first quality drums maybe demos, one-offs, and are promo priced. If sold out, contact us to build something similar. Shipping and taxes may apply. Local delivery is free, and shipping costs will be refunded. International order shipping quotes based upon final destination, quoted after purchase.

CONTACT US for further details.