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6.5x14" Ltd Walnut Snare

$399.99 - On Sale


Ltd Walnut Ply
Vertical Grain Walnut Faces with Thin Maple Core

Natural Satin Oil

Chrome Parts
Full Length Tube Lugs x10
N-Shaped Vintage Hoops w/ clips
Trick Throwoff
German Snare Wires
Remo Drumheads
Nylon Sleeved Washers

A softer sounding wood that is darker than standard maple. The vertical inside walnut ply helps add a deeper, darker tone. The N shaped hoops are a cross between vintage single flanged and a double flanged hoop. Made to sound deeper and darker with a warm fat sound that should be best tuned low and wide open for maximum tone, not volume.

Video Sample:

*Note*: These first quality drums maybe demos, one-offs, and are promo priced. If sold out, contact us to build something similar. Shipping and taxes may apply. Local delivery is free, and shipping costs will be refunded. International order shipping quotes based upon final destination, quoted after purchase.

CONTACT US for further details.